Feb 24, 2010

Hump Day Happiness

Wow! It's been a week already?? My word. A lot has happened this past week, and there is a whole lot I am grateful for today.

1) {this is the big one} There was no asbestos in the bathroom walls we tore down! We learned after the fact that houses built when ours was occasionally do have some asbestos in the wallboard. I was pretty worried until we got our test results back today.

2) I have a wonderful family and we got to celebrate my husband's & my brother-in-law's birthdays this past week.

3) My students in the Basic Product Photography class have jumped right in! I'm loving the level of participation we have.

4) A happy customer just ordered another large format print - I'm so thrilled that they enjoy the first one so much, and I'm excited to get the new one out to them.

5) I saw tapped maple trees in my neck of the woods. Know what that means? Spring is coming!

How about you? I know some of my readers have had a hard week, you know who you are and I'm thinking about you. But there is always some good to be found. So do share if you want to!

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