Mar 31, 2010

This Morning

First thing this morning, I took a walk down a nearby road that was flooded and had been closed to traffic. There are orchards and old farmhouses along this particular road, and it was lovely to stroll along it with no traffic, just birdsong. I saw lots of things I would never have noticed while driving.

My main goal was to see/photograph the flooding, but there were some lovely maple trees in bloom along the way, and I couldn't resist.


  1. I accidentally hit your blog, and colors of these two photographs are amazing. I count myself lucky

  2. I accidentally hit your blog and colors of these two photographs were amazing. I count myself lucky.

  3. I like your Photos, really !
    Good Luck for the future :)


    Sorry, my blog is in french, because I'm a french teenager. And also sorry for spelling :s


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