Apr 21, 2010

Life is But a Dream

In the midst of about a bajillion other things going on, not the least of which are some unwelcome house guests (carpenter ants), I had a fabulous thing happen today. The macro attachment for my Lensbaby arrived in the mail! I think you can probably guess what I will be doing while the pest control folks are evicting my visitors...

Need a hint? Two words: Outside + Close Up. (OK that's technically 3 words.)

In the meantime, I've been contentedly playing with the plain Jane version of my Lensbaby Control Freak, though I've been using it more like a "Muse". Experimentation is fun, fun, fun.

A Hidden Wilderness


  1. Really digging your work with the Lensbaby.

    You gotta love that lens system for boosting creativity.

    BTW - Good luck with those carpenter ants. We had a problem at my parents house growing up that they seemed to battle every year. I almost feel like I just lived in a house with carpenter ants as roommates.

  2. Thanks, Damien! I am looking forward to playing with the macro. I am very glad that we're having pros deal with the ants. I'm hoping they'll fix the problem for good but if not, at least they'll give me the time to take photos instead of baiting insects!


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