Apr 19, 2010

[One Moment]

I took a few moments today to unplug. A new (important) part of my daily routine is to spend time each morning doing yoga or meditating. Today I made use of this excellent resource: Sunrose Yoga Podcast, which I found via Kind over Matter.

Getting ready for morning meditations...

Let me tell you, moving my yoga mat and props right into my office was a very good move. No excuses when the tools are right there in front of you, reminding you they exist.

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om [one moment] meet up


  1. I'm getting ready to move my yoga practice into my new home-office. Do you leave the mat strechted out or rolled up?

  2. Hi Leisa,

    I usually store my mat rolled up to keep it nice and clean. Have fun!

  3. Diana, Hello!
    Thank you so much for listening and sharing the podcast love here on your blog.
    Sending you all goodness.

  4. Not sure how I missed this moment, but it's a great one. I love your yoga mat!!

    Yoga is such a wonderfully relaxing way to ground yourself.


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