Jul 15, 2010

The 7 Link Challenge

We've all heard about how social networking is such a great modern tool, etc. etc. But sometimes, it's just plain fun! I heard about this challenge via Twitter, when the very talented Susannah Conway posted a link to her interpretation. The idea of bringing a little of my blogging history back to life really appealed to me, so without further ado, here's my response to "The 7 Link Challenge".

My first post: First Blog Post, March 12, 2006 (Apparently I wasn't feeling particularly creative when it came to naming my first blog post.)

A post I enjoyed writing the most: It's impossible to pick an absolute favorite, but Lazy Saturday Morning is definitely up there. Sharing that morning moment was an impulsive decision that just felt right, and the sunlit photographs always remind me of simple pleasures and home.

A post which had a great discussion: I've always enjoyed reading folks' responses to my Hump Day Happiness series - they always make me smile.

A great post from someone else's blog: I love the Inspiration Daily series on Creature Comforts (especially when Ez features photographs).

My most helpful post: My Let's Get Technical series.

My best title: Festooning Things with Ribbons, or What I've Been Up To

A post I wish more people had read: I really enjoyed putting together this little Shop Tour, with photos from a local nursery.

Would you like to participate? If you do I hope you will share a link to your post in the comments section - I would love to see your 7 links!

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  1. i'm so glad you played along! Really pleased to have discovered your podcasts - now I know where to point people when they're looking for easy-to-understand explanations. you rock!


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