Aug 23, 2010

Home from our Holiday

Hello all, I apologize for my blogging hiatus but I've just returned from a lovely two-week vacation. My husband and I had a wonderful time visiting friends in the UK and spending a few days in Ireland. There was certainly no shortage of dramatic landscapes to photograph. I'm glad to be home, and to be "plugged back in" so that I can share some of my images with you. I hope you enjoy them!

Scottish Highlands

Glendalough Forest

Have you been inspired by places you've traveled? Do share, I love to add to my wish list of places to go!


  1. awesome pictures! i lived in ireland for 18 months so a bit of my heart belongs to it.

    now i live in canada and i think everyone should visit jasper, alberta (in the canadian rocky mountains). it is gorgeous! much more beautiful than banff where all the tourists seem to go. waterton, alberta is gorgeous too. i highly recommend.

  2. Stunning landscapes, welcome back! Can't wait to see more... :-)

  3. Wow, I bet you had fun taking photos. Those are gorgeous.

  4. Thanks all! I will have to check out Jasper for a future trip - great tip!


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