Aug 25, 2010

Dramatic Scenery of the Lake District

During our trip, we spent a few days walking around the Lake District in England. It was lovely. The weather was not terribly pleasant, on one day we got so soaked through that I needed to buy new shoes in town. However, such chancy weather made for some incredibly dramatic lighting as sunlight periodically broke through the rainclouds. Well worth getting a bit wet.

Black Crag Stile

En Route to Ambleside


  1. Beautiful images! The Lake District is very near the top of places I have to go to. The film "Miss Potter" was shot there (she was very instrumental in saving that area from development)and the scenery brought tears to my eyes - it was that beautiful.

  2. Thanks so much! I loved that film - in fact it is what inspired me to go to the Lake District myself :-)


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