Sep 27, 2011

My 2012 Wall Calendar is Here

With the fall season comes a yearly ritual - designing my calendar for the next year. It's wonderful to pause and review my images from the past year or so. I notice what themes and colors I've used and I enjoy seeing the progression of images as my techniques grow and change.

As always, it was tough to decide which photographs "made the cut" and were featured this year. After a lot of thought and helpful input from dear friends and family (who I've nicknamed my brain trust), I am able to present to you the new D. S. Brennan Photography 2012 Calendar!

The full calendar with clipboard is available in my shop, as is a "refill" pack without a clipboard for those of you who have purchased my calendar in years past. You can find both versions in the Stationery section, here.

These are the photographs that are featured for 2012 - do you have a favorite? (I do.)

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