Sep 30, 2011

These are the kind of things that keep photographers up all night...

I have a dilemma. I really, really (really) want to have a huge, loose (i.e. not stretched over a wooden frame) canvas print made of one of my feather photographs. There are two problems with this.

1) I'd have to choose one image out of the several feather photos I've created
2) It's quite expensive to have a good quality, archival, enormous (40"x60") canvas printed - let's just say I'd sell these at retail for $750

(click on the image to view it larger)

This is one of those times when I really wish I had a crystal ball with which to glimpse the future. Will a huge canvas print appeal to buyers? Would it sell at that price point? Will my husband roll his eyes if I fall in love with it and want to keep it for myself?

I have to admit, I am secretly hoping that one of you reading this is in the market for a gorgeous statement piece... just so I can see it in real life and not just in my own head. (While I am very good at visualizing things, sometimes I just want to see and touch a final product.) Heck, I'd even sell the first one at half-price, just so I could do it.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this kind of risk-taking. Is it worth going for something big and bold that's calling my name, despite the expense?

And which image would you choose?


  1. Do them as a montage. The variety is beautiful.

  2. Thank you, Bodhipaksa - I admit when I created the collage for the blog post I thought they did look good all together as you suggest.

  3. For sheer artistic merit, though, the first one is exceptional. If you were going to have just one, I'd pick that.

    Unfortunately I'm not your dream client who can afford to purchase one :(

  4. I also love them all together, but I would love, love the first one to hang in my home. Lovely. I know that price point is difficult, but there are people out there who can and will pay that. It's a matter of finding them, I think. Good luck!

  5. I like the collage idea too. While the feathers are nice pictures, they aren't interesting enough to make a giant print. But put them together and I think that would work. The misty tree? I would like that as a giant print.

  6. Thank you all so much for your input and encouragement! I will definitely let you know if I make the leap and have one made.

  7. LURV!

    if i were in the market for a $750 statement piece, id really want 2 others to go along with it, and NOT as a collage. can you scale it down and do a triptych?

    okay, if you can't then i would want the dark feather on the far left--the tones and contrast would read really well from across the room, and the presence is stunning, and the ruffled bits are really interesting. IMO a large piece has to have lots of tones and depth like an ansel adams.

  8. The first one is my favorite. Were I looking for a huge piece i would want it to be that one...but i also really enjoy them all together. Maybe offer both options?


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