Dec 28, 2011

Crystals for Christmas

My sister took me treasure hunting today, as my Christmas gift.

She had described the local mineral shop to me before, and I was full of eager anticipation.  I was not disappointed - in fact my expectations were exceeded.  The shop is run by a chatty 83 year old man, Sal, who did much of the collecting himself in his younger days.  The storefront branches off the front of his house in a run down old mill town.  Charming from the outside, the inside was like a museum.  Mineral specimens were laid out in beautiful Victorian display cases, which were in and of themselves worth viewing.  Some lovely handwritten labels remained, some were more modern, printed from the computer.  We spent an hour and a half exploring every nook and cranny, and then eagerly brought our treasures home.

I am so looking forward to some free daylight hours, so I can continue exploring these beauties through the lens!

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