Aug 23, 2008

One evening...

My hubby is out video-gaming with the boys. As much as I want to go shopping, thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales don't stay open this late (although we did snag some great finds earlier - I posted them below if you're interested). So I've set Rhapsody to play some girl-icious music, I'm going to make myself a steamy mug of chai, and I'm going to sit and read more of Craft, Inc. So far it's been really informative and inspiring - I'll have to post a more thorough review when I'm finished with it!

Our yard sale find was the lovely $3 wicker stool. (That yellow book is Craft, Inc.) You'll also see the first of my large format prints on the wall behind the couch! Yep, it's a giant version of 'Specimen 652' - available in my Etsy shop. I haven't yet decided which other photographs I'll offer as large format prints... any suggestions?

I also found a cute jacket and sweater for a steal - the label reads "theTRUTHis..." - anyone know anything about that brand? I'm so curious but Google has let me down this time :-)

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