Nov 8, 2008


Not sure if you remember, but a few posts back I elaborated on some new toys I wanted... one of which was this piece of pink perfection:

Well, my wonderful husband ordered it up for my birthday and it is here! (It arrived a little late but was worth it). I am impatiently waiting for daylight tomorrow to play some more, but I set up a rough still life to practice on tonight. If you click on the image below you will be taken to the full resolution version. I kid you not - that's as good as it gets.


I love this thing! It's so far been completely unpredictable. I'm not quite sure why it takes one picture at a high contrast, looking as if it's been cross-processed, and the next in soft pastels. The viewfinder is such that your eye has to be inches away from it to see things in focus. But, if you shift your head even slightly side to side or up and down what you see ends up completely different than what the lens is seeing. And, there's no LCD screen to monitor how you're doing. Fun, right! Digital lomography of FunkyCam proportions.

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