May 19, 2009

Lets Get Technical - Podcast 1

Week 1: The Bells & Whistles

This week I'm doing a video podcast, since that makes it a lot easier to show you the parts of a camera. I did keep the overview pretty simple, but I'd be happy to try and answer more in-depth questions as well - just leave 'em in the comments section!


  1. That was awesome!! I can't wait to see your next podcast! I still have a lot to learn about my camera! Thanks Diana!

  2. oooh, I have to carve out some time for this. Can't wait! thanks so much for doing this!

  3. Am catching up - what a great idea!
    Are all digital cameras SLR cameras?
    I have a very simple digital camera (Kodak Easy Share) that is dying a bit so I may want to upgrade but going fancy makes me nervous. I am sort of a tech-phobe. Going on to the next pod to learn more now :)


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