Jul 13, 2011

Natural History Art in Awesome Interiors

Holly Becker of decor8 posted an exclusive first peek of HK Living this morning, and I was thrilled to see all of the natural history touches in the flat that was featured. As you probably know by now, natural history art is a huge part of what I do, and sometimes I like to think I helped start the trend (though more likely it was just a happy coincidence in timing).

image credit: HK Living

I just love the butterflies above the piano, especially since they remind me of these (Moth Wings and July Butterflies):

It feels good to know that something I'm so passionate about, and that I so enjoy doing, is actually relevant in design today. The fact that people are embracing natural science by bringing it into their homes is just wonderful. I think it's important that we remember the history of how humans have interacted with nature, and natural history art lets us do so in a beautiful way.

What do you think of the natural history trend? Would you incorporate "science" into your decor?

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